The owners of BIELDRUK Partnership have established the present quality assurance policy by appointing the senior management as responsible for accomplishing all the quality assurance actions in providing the printing services by the Partnership.

The quality assurance policy results from the long term development strategy of BIELDRUK.

Every employee of the Partnership is familiar with the quality assurance policy and implements its principles in everyday work practice.

In our pursuit of maintaining a top market position, the client’s satisfaction remains the most important principle for us.

We achieve our goal by:

  • creating a belief that every employee is responsible for the quality of the process and service
  • recognizing, analyzing and fully realizing the needs and expectations of our clients – the recipients of printing services
  • identifying, planning and managing the processes and regular evaluation of their efficiency and profitability
  • clearly defined scope of duties and competence of the employees
  • using materials and products only from proven suppliers who meet our high quality standards and our clients’ demands.
  • implementing latest technology and innovative solutions in designing and providing the printing services on the quality level unreachable to our competition
  • creating favourable conditions for continuous development of our staff, also in terms of quality
  • providing necessary means for implementing the quality assurance policy

The success of Bieldruk Partnership is guaranteed by implementing and constantly improving the Quality Management System in compliance with PN-EN ISO 9001 standard.