Please note that the Jeep Cherokee XJ

I am not saying let the yard go to weeds, but rather you could plant trees to create a small forest like setting, or use tall grasses to create a meadow and give some privacy, or use rocks and low growing shrubs to give you something interesting to look at. There are countless ways to mimic nature in our yards, and reduce the amount of time, money, and work needed to maintain them. Good luck in improving your yards and making them beautiful this year.

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If you have a straight figure, you will want a moderately flared skirt to give you the right amount of volume and make you appear to have a more curvy shape. If you are a plus sized woman, you will be able to use an A line dress to hide your midsection and draw attention to your bust. An empire waist style will be a great idea for you as it drapes over and camouflages the midsection.

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